Wholesale Fabric Supplier and Exporter in Bangkok, Thailand

Woven Cotton Fabric Sourcing in Bangkok, Thailand
Cotton Woven Fabric for Children's Garments
Wholesale Cotton Voile Lawn Fabric
Thailand Woven Cotton Wholesale Supply
Bangkok Thailand Cotton Fabric Source
Oeko Text Woven Cotton Muslin Fabric
Pick and choose wholesale Cotton fabric

Running Items

Cotton Lawn Running colors

100% Cotton Voile / Muslin / Lawn
53″ width

Fully combed yarn, woven on airjet looms.
Oeko Tex certified dyeing

Ready for immediate Shipment

Made in Thailand

Cotton Poplin Fabric for Shirts

100% Cotton Poplin
Versatile Woven fabric for Shirts

58″ Width

Fully combed yarn, woven on airjet looms.
Oeko Tex Certified dyeing.

Made in Thailand

CVC oxford shirt fabric

67% Cotton CVC Oxford
58″ Width

Comfortable like pure cotton, and easy to care for.

Made in Thailand
Oeko Tex Certified Dyeing

Wholesale cotton chambray shirt fabric

100% Cotton Chambray Shirting
58″ Width

Available in 4 different Weights
Made in Thailand

Wholesale Cotton Twill Fabric

100% Cotton Twill
58″ Width

Heavier fabric for shorts, pants, and jackets

Made in Thailand
Available in Brushed finish and Regular Finish

Work Fast:

Meet your deadlines with over 150,000 yards of ready goods in stock at any given time, you can get started on your order without dealing with extended factory lead times.

Work Easy:

With our standardized catalogs, just tell us the number of the item and color number you are working on, so everyone is on the same page.

Buy Sampling Yardage:

Order fabric from actual production lots to make samples for customer approval.

Book Conveniently:

Call us to book the quantity of fabric you will need for your order. We’ll hold it for you for up to 2 weeks while you work on the samples.

Buy Quality:

Our items are made in Thailand from start to finish

  • from Yarn
  • to Raw Fabric
  • to Dyeing or Printing

    Thailand is generally well accepted as a high quality manufacturer, making beautiful Japanese style fabric, with consistent and reliable quality.
  • Our fabrics are dyed from Oeko Tex certified factories, which means
    • the production process avoids all known dangerous chemicals
    • The fabric is safe for use in Children’s clothes
    • Garments made from our fabric can be exported worldwide.