Cotton Fabric for Discharge Batik Print

Available – Low price for Top Quality Woven Cotton Fabric: 60s Cotton Lawn and 40s Cotton Poplin

Perfect for Batik printing or Tie Dye, or Discharge Printing

Discharge: Where you use a chemical to remove the color on the fabric and create a negative space design. You then have the option to add a new color into the negative space, or leave it white.

How can we offer you this fabric at a Low Price?

The fabric weaving quality is A Grade. The structure and smoothness are just like our A Grade fabrics.

Dyeing is C grade – with occasional discolouration in spots or lines. This is perfect for discharge prints or tie-dye designs, because the discolouration can be completely hidden.

You can get this high quality fabric at a low price, making it affordable for your project.

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