SunCotton 6098 – 100% Cotton Muslin

Especially suitable for making face masks

  1. Breathable fabric density and construction
  2. Made using smooth combed yarn that is resistant to pilling and hairiness during use
  3. OEKO TEX certified dyeing that does not use dangerous AZO chemicals 
  4. SunCotton 6098 is machine washable

SunCotton 6098 is woven and dyed in Thailand, where production quality is of a well recognized high standard. 

We also support the creation and maintenance of jobs in Thailand.

SunCotton 6098 can be used as a raw material to create many products: quilts, pajamas, loungewear, boxer shorts, fashionable blouses, tunics or kurtis, embroidery etc.

You can confidently use SunCotton 6098 fabric to build a business without worrying about the quality – as it’s been our running item for at least 17 years.

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100% Cotton muslin fabric perfect for face masks